Alaska Travel Adventures

Let me show you how to “Experience and Live Alaska, not just Visit Alaska” with many Great Alaska Adventures for you with stories, photos, and videos.

Alaska is the U.S.’s largest state, over twice the size of Texas, at 586,400 square miles. It is larger then the three largest states in the USA; Texas, California, and Montana combined. Most of the state is not accessable by road so travel to remote areas is limited to air, boat, train, horse, or dog sled, which can be quite expensive.
Fortunately, you can get all that is Alaska has to offer in southcentral Alaska and southeast Alaska whether you are an avid outdoorsman, extreme sport enthusiast, hiker, fisherman, wildlife viewer, casual tourist, etc. This blog is dedicated to southcentral Alaska. I have lived in this area for over 30 years and still have not seen it all!
I will be posting many Great Alaska Adventures for you in detail that any other travel site will not give you. Come back often for more Great Alaska Adventures.

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