My Great Alaska Adventue-The Beginning

My Great Alaska Adventure-Decision Then Action

1969 was a tough and memorable year for me. My marriage was in turmoil because my wife and I were probably too young to get married in the first place. I can honestly say that our parting was both of our faults.We had actually reached a boiling point where we had actually pulled loaded guns on each other but fortunately at that exact moment common sense prevailed and we decided that parting was a better solution over a gun fight. During the summer of 1969 the United States landed the first man on the moon. It was a big dream come true for America. As I watched the first step on the moon, I made the decision right then, I would carry out my childhood dream of going to Alaska. When my wife and I divorced we had a little equity in a small ranch northwest of Fort Worth which we sold and split the money. That money was all that I needed for my trip. During that same summer I had met a woman named Nancy, who was a waitress at one of the cowboy bar/dance halls where I had been hanging out. I would realize later it was  a major mistake but I ended up marrying her on September 27, 1969. On September 28, 1969 at 4 AM in the morning, My Great Alaska Adventure began. I cannot describe the exhilaration and excitement that was in my heart and mind. To be quite honest, I did not have an exact plan of action as I began My Great Alaska Adventure! I had $1000 in cash in my pocket, my clothes, in 1968 Ford LTD pickup with a sleeper/camper, no job, and only a hope and a prayer that things would work out. As I drove down the highway between Azle and Weatherford Texas, I noticed the skyline of downtown Fort Worth on the dark sky’s  horizon. It was at that moment that it dawned on me that I had made a decision and taken the action to live a dream that would change my life forever. We drove most of the day headed west going through my birth town, Abilene Texas on our way to Artesia, New Mexico. What lay ahead I had no idea. All I knew was I had $1000 in my pocket, I had the name of a guy that may still be in Alaska to lookup, a step sister to my new wife named Sharon who she had never met, who lived in Seattle, Washington, who was getting married and moving to Alaska, and My Great Alaska Adventure Dream!

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