Anchorage Backdropped by Chugach Mountains

Anchorage Backdropped by Chugach Mountains

I Love Anchorage!

It’s a beautiful city with views of five mountain ranges, including the mighty Mount McKinley on a clear day. There are several natural lakes and beautiful clear streams in the heart of the city, all accessible with some of the most beautiful walking and bike paths you have ever seen. The wildlife and waterfowl are abundant, even in some parts of downtown Anchorage. It is truly a one-of-a kind with its Frontier setting and modern city atmosphere!

With all of this, Anchorage is a modern city with all of the amenities and even more for a city of its size. City leaders make an all-out effort to make it one of the most beautiful, accessible, visitor friendly cities in the world.

Spending several days of your vacation within the confines of Anchorage will be well worth your time.

There is a range of accommodations ranging from very intimate bed-and-breakfasts in five-star hotels.

Because of the diversified cultures from all over the world, dining in Anchorage brings some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.

No matter what mode of transportation you choose, including walking, biking, horseback riding, taxicab, bus, horse-drawn carriage, or any other way you could think of getting around Anchorage has extensive transportation modes to meet all of your needs.

If you fly into Anchorage, you’ll notice that you will be greeted with one of the most architectural pleasing airports you have ever seen.

The best way to begin your exploration of downtown Anchorage is with a stop at the Log Cabin Visitor Information Center located on the corner of 4th Avenue and F St. if you like. You can pick up a brochure including one for a two-mile walk that takes approximately one to one half hours of a historical tour. There are literally hundreds of things to see and do in downtown Anchorage. Take some time to peruse through all of the information available.

Anchorage Log Cabin Visitor Center

Anchorage Log Cabin Visitor Center

There is a multitude of attractions and shopping  opportunities found in downtown Anchorage.

There are also many parks located in the downtown area. Peratrovich Park is at 4th Avenue and M St. which hosts a Music in the Park series on the Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to 1 PM in the summer.

No doubt you will notice there are numerous hanging baskets and flowerbeds that transform the core area of downtown Anchorage into a citywide botanic Gardens. The Centennial Rose Garden is the centerpiece of the Delaney Park strip at the 9th and 10th streets and the downtown area at the town square Municipal Park between 5th and 6th Avenue along E street.

Anchorage Hanging Baskets Throughout Downtown

Anchorage Hanging Baskets Throughout Downtown

You will also find museums, theater, shopping, and yes even fishing in downtown Anchorage at Ship Creek.

Elderberry Park is at the the west end of 5th Avenue and faces Knik Arm and accesses the popular Coastal Trail, which will be included in my Adventures section. Watch video below to see my grandsons and I on the Coastal Trail.

Many other thinks to do and sights to see will be included it in my Alaska Travel Adventures section.

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